Thumrin Thana Hotel The Best Accommodations of Trang town, that has the fully amenities of total 289 rooms. Established in 1996, It is featured to be the center of MICE in the western coast of the South of Thailand. With the perfectly location, 15 minutes from Air-port and 5 minute from Railway station. No matter what your reason come to Trang are , The Thumrin Thana Hotel responds all your need and make them in the way of “ Simply Warmth and Happiness”.
Simply Warmth and Happiness The heart of service is “Simply Warmth and Happiness” The Thumrin Thana Hotel deliveries the best of service to guest who come to stay with us based on the rule of “ Simply Warmth and Happiness” . Just let the visitor take the sense of felt like stay home. Hotel staffs are willing to serve you with their best hospitality. In order to make sure you deserve more than what you expect.
Perfect location The premise has its best location to easily access to the major business area as banks, railway station and shops. Only 15 minutes from Trang Air-port and bus terminal and 5 minute from railway station. For stay in guest, they enjoy walking the nearby area where is surrounded by the atmosphere of Chino-Portuguese and be closer to the way of life.Morning Market and Old Christian Church are recommended as the nearest tourist site for shooting nice pictures.
Accommodation There are several types of rooms to choose for stay, ranging from superior to Royal suite. The 289 rooms are designed to suite guest needs. Room Amenities are well equipped with fine facilities and conveniently functions as TV, air –conditioned , wireless internet and coffee set. The ambience is cozy and comfortable.